About Me

I have a real love of all things fabric. I graduated from Somerset College of Arts and Technology in 2002 with a degree in Design/ Fashion Textiles. 

In early 2011 my very good friend had her first baby and I wanted to give a special gift to celebrate the birth. I decided to embroider her a gift as I was unable to find anything special on the high street. She was so pleased with the embroidery that she almost cried! She said I should make them to order - so here I am, doing just that, thanks to the lovely Julie and her baby boy, Harvey Maxwell.

I love the soft look that I get by using only woollen blankets. By dying them myself I have control over the colours and shades. I'm in my element when surrounded by piles of coloured blanket, threads, beads and sequins!

These embroideries are very special to me and give me real joy to make. It's lovely to know that they celebrate happy events.